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Naknek Health Clinic (1958)
This building was built in the early 1940’s as the winter watchman’s residence for Intercoastal Packing Co., which was located on Naknek point West of Nornek about a mile, and above the then set-net cabins locations. This was just a camp for the fishermen and no processing was done there. Somewhere around 1948-49, mainly through the efforts of Gunnar Berggren, this building was obtained from the then owners and moved to its present location in Naknek. Between 1948-49, a basement and interior and utilities were added and completed about 1950. The original building now would be around 65 years of age.
At the time of this photo, it was known the Naknek Health Clinic. It still stands on the north side of the road that runs through Naknek. The building is relatively old by Naknek standards and has served a variety of functions over the years. Tomorrow’s picture will show it as it looks in 2007.
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  1. I watch them move this. For us kids this was quite a big and exciting thing.

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